yoga block

Rs. 1,200.00
Rs. 999.00


Non-slip cork ensures maximum comfort and confidence even through sweaty, intense practices.

Super Sweat Absorbent:

Fine-grain cork makes our yoga blocks absorb sweat, unlike commonly available foam or wooden blocks.

Perfect Support & Stability:

A perfect blend of comfort, cushioning & stability, making these blocks the ideal choice for all levels of practice.

100% Bio-degradable:

Crafted from natural bio-degradable cork making them better for your body, the planet, and your practice.

Dimensions & Weight

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  • Always roll mat with top of mat side facing out. Rolling in opposite direction can damage mat surface.
  • Wipe top of mat with a microfiber cloth after use. If using solution, apply it to the cloth first; do not apply it directly on the mat. We recommend using a 1:20 solution of oil-free soap or vinegar & warm water. Mat is not machine washable.
  • To protect the top of the mat, try to avoid having lotions or rings on hands or feet before practice. Avoid cubbies or storage areas with sharp edges that can leave a lasting mark.